Creative Direction for 'Ms. Adeline' Short Film – October 2020

In October, Jacob, along with director Chuck Fry and cinematographer Ryan Blaske released their debut Corner Store film on West.SB titled Ms. Adeline. The short film captures a typical Saturday at Wigfall Barbershop on South Bend's west side:

Ms. Adeline Wigfall-Jones has been cutting hair at 1131 West Washington Street in South Bend since 1976. She is 91 years old.

Her shop, Wigfall Barbershop, persists decades after most businesses have closed in her neighborhood that was once the city’s premier black-owned business district, and her customers span generations.

We spent a typical Saturday, from 6:57 am to 4:49 pm, at the barbershop with Ms. Adeline and asked: “when are you going to stop?”

Alongside the creative direction, Jacob designed the film logo and recorded field audio during the shoot. Find Corner Store online on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and watch the film below:


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