Tutt and Carroll Designs New Site for Chuck Fry – December 2019

In September, the studio was brought on to design a new site for Chuck Fry.

Chuck Fry is a storyteller specializing in documentaries and commercials highlighting uncommon projects and products with a purpose. Chuck has worked in the film industry for over 18 years as a director, editor, producer, and camera operator and his work has been featured in Vice in January 2016 and May 2016 and accepted into the East Lansing Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival, Shorts LA Film Festival, Hoosierdance International Film Festival, and the Kalamazoo Bike Shorts Film Fest.

After twelve years working at Harvest Films in Los Angeles, California, he “was drawn by a sense of authentic community in the Midwest” and moved to Indiana to focus his storytelling work on short art films.

In the time since, Chuck has brought a myriad of South Bend’s stories to the surface. The stories of Bike Man, a resident of South Bend’s West Side who is building community through bike repair, Greater Impact Lawn Care, a small business providing job opportunities to students by mowing our city’s vacant and abandoned properties, the West Side Memorial Day Parade, and The Birdsell Project, to name a few. His films affirm their subject’s purpose and place in our community while simultaneously developing a city-wide sense that we’re daily surrounded by complex and transcendent stories.

We don’t want to imagine a South Bend without Chuck.

Our goal was to design a clean site that Chuck could easily update with new work. It is now live at chuckfry.com. Here is a sample of our work:


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