'West, Home' Art Installation for the Birdsell Project – Summer 2016

In Summer 2016, Jacob worked with The Birdsell Project to build a large scale installation in the basement of The Commerce Center, a former power plant in South Bend, IN. The Birdsell Project is an arts organization which seeks to revitalize underutilized spaces by opening them to artists and the community. Read Jacob’s artist statement below:

Returning to South Bend after college was not the plan.

West, Home is a map of South Bend’s West Side populated with photos captured during two days of neighborhood bicycle rides. It is a map permanently inked on my right forearm, and while I want to tell you the inspiration was pure love for my neighborhood, that would be a lie.

Inking the West Side on my arm was a decision made during a transitional period marked by unmet expectations. My plan was suffering from a loss of freedom and it’s selfish greed was exposed. The ink was powered by fear … fear that you might see through my #SouthBend hashtags and West Side tattoo to a man afraid to stay.

West, Home, like my ink, is me learning to stay.


Chuck Fry – “The Birdsell Project // Summer ‘16”


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